Treehouse Textiles

Textile Art with Christine Lethlean

Workshop @ Treehouse Textiles Mornington Store

We are delighted to welcome Christine Lethlean 'Margie & Bert' to Treehouse Textiles.

An introduction to  'Making Art With Textiles', in this workshop participants will develop skills to design and compose a naive still life or modern landscape, deconstruct printed fabrics, re purpose unwanted linen and bric-a-brac, draw with your machine and become familiar with a slow stitch embroidery technique.

It’s a fun workshop, most find it inspiring and you can achieve a completed piece. Christine promises you that you will never look at a printed piece of fabric in the same way and will most likely become more of a fabric stasher than you are now!!

You can see Christine's pictures on display at our store.

This is an all day workshop at our Treehouse Textiles Mornington Store.

Skill Level
Places Available 6
Workshop Cost $95 PRICE INC GST

Equipment Supplied

Sewing Machines & Equipment

Material Requirements

The beauty of making art with textiles is you often use what is available to you.

Re-purposing left over pieces of fabric, fibres (e.g. paper) and items you have in your basic sewing kit are adequate to produce a lovely piece of work.

Please bring the following to the workshop:

  • A range of embroidery threads – This may include regular sewing machine threads, DMC Cotton Perle, wool, linen, silk and even some string for added texture.
  • Water soluble fabric glue (Roxanne glue is my favourite)
  • Marking tools, tailors chalk, white pencil,/marker, fabric pencil, water soluble marker
  • Fabric scissors
  • General purpose scissors
  • Fine point embroidery scissors
  • Embroidery needles (of your choice)
  • Short applique pins
  • Black cotton/polyester thread (or colour of choice)