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Bella's Quilt

At last I have finished Bella's quilt, I did hope to have it done by her birthday but didn't quite make it...

Another 'Plus' quilt (like the one I took to Magnolia Square) which is what she desperately wanted, we spent a while looking at colours and choosing fabrics, some old and some new in blue, pink & red. I did all the cutting, (not quite ready to let my 12 year old use the rotary cutter yet!!) but we layed it out together.

Sewing it together didn't take too long, we had two machines on the go and did about half of the strips each, the ironing and putting the rows together was left to me. The kitchen table was perfect for assembling a quilt, thanks to Cathy for more of her wide wadding, I think I have used most of her roll!

I spent last Sunday machine quilting the top in organic rows, I love the texture it has made on the quilt. The addition of mustard yellow and lime green on the back and then on the binding has really lifted the quilt.

  • bella quilt1

Here it is on the bed, I still love how contemporary the quilt looks, so bright and refreshing!

  • bella quilt2

Different type of binding to what I normally do, with the fabric left over from the backing, I cut 2 1/2 inch strips and joined them all together with some red & white stripe, I just love the patched together binding and think I will do it again on my quilts.

  • bella binding

One happy customer! Bella loves it and it looks gorgeous in her room!

  • bella4