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Screen Printing Workshop


What a VIP workshop... so much fun, glorious weather, yummy new menu, amazing company and talented instructor! Thanks must go to Nick Young for his enthusiasm, skills and equipment which enabled the day to run smoothly. Everyone was delighted with the results they achieved.

Limiting the amount of photos I want to post was rather difficult but I hope I have summed up the day, what I couldn't capture was the kindness and generosity of all workshop participants in helping each other out.

I had to start with a finished picture, lovely Wilma's print (our first international visitor at the Treehouse, she is from New Zealand!!), held up by Bec in the amazing sunshine that we had on Friday.

  • a wilma

Nick Young from Two Ruffians and Curio & Curio (alias "Tub Boy"), so talented, generous and helpful with everything, especially washing all the screens all day - a neccessary but messy job!

  • a tub boy

Many participants had a rough idea about what they wanted to print, sketching their ideas was the first step, here is Sonia's caravan.

  • a drawing

Amanda cutting out her doily stencil...

  • a amanda

The doily stencil being placed carefully down on calico.

  • a doily

Sonia printing her caravan, the first print of the day!

  • a sonia

Efrat, Nick and Wilma looking at Wilma's bright orange wavy line print.

  • a group2

Bec, Di and Amanda watching closely Nick's demonstration. Such concentration!

  • a girls2

Efrat's first print, I love this picture, she looks so happy with the result.

  • a efrat

Amanda's doily printed in bright orange, the detail in the designs were fantastic!

  • a orange doily

Pots of colour!

  • a inks

Finished prints laying on the tables drying, don't Di's numbers look fantastic?

  • a prints

Efrat's almost finished print, the cactus are on but I missed getting the flowers!

It was an amazing day which we hope to repeat in September - I am thinking we will print an outfit next time!!

  • a cactus