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A Catch Up...

It's been a while I know...

I always said that when I had a blog for Treehouse I would write and upload photos often, however the reality is that it has been almost two weeks since my last post.

I will attempt a quick summary of the last two weeks ...

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Some of you may have seen this shot on Facebook, of our lovely Magnolia Square 'plus' quilt, Schoolhouse Tunic and Contemporary Cushions. We were delighted with the response to our display at Magnolia Square and were even more excited to win the Visual Merchandising Award!!

The quilt gained the most interest and by popular request I have listed a workshop for this on a Saturday, the 21st of April, you can book it here.

This is a snaphot of our desk display and also the 'Love' cross stitch that we designed for one of our free workshops, the 'mini' workshops were very popular and gave customers a little Treehouse Textiles experience.

  • ms desk
  • ms sewing

The 'Simple Sling Bag' was fun, the participants got to choose their fabric and then sew a little bag, great for taking a walk to the shops, I am going to run this as a Mother/Daughter evening soon, it will be a perfect project to complete in an evening!

  • ms bag

Two days after Magnolia Square, we were host to our first sewing group the 'Material Girls', a lovely group of women some of whom have been meeting for over 15 years to stitch, it was fantastic to see the diveristy of styles and projects.

I didn't get many photo's (sorry) but I did get one lovely shot of Karen's stitching that I thought was very appropriate for the Treehouse and Merricks. My dad is a keen beekeeper and I am sure even he would appreciate the time taken to stich this!

  • karen

Thursday, saw us say goodbye to our Japanese exchange student Mitsuyo. She had been with us since January and will be dearly missed.

During her time in Australia she has been at the same school as my girls learning English, she has been a keen Treehouse Textiles student, learning how to make the 'Simple Patchwork Quilt', making a 'Reversible Bag', completing a cross stitch and 'Learning to Crochet' making an amazing 48 granny squares!!

  • mitsuyo

Easter was spend at Jan-Juc with Frank's family ... love this photo of the girls on the beach enjoying the waves, note the surfers in the background.

They even went for a swim on Easter Sunday!

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